CIC Publishes Draw Results of Canada Express Entry


The CIC has conducted 21st Express entry draw on 27th November and 28th November, it has sent an invite to 1559 candidates who have been in the Express Entry Pool.We find that, all individuals who consider thems(Edelves to be potential candidates for the Express Entry Profile, they must Enter the Pool of Express Entry. It is […]

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Canada PR – Super Visa Requirements for Parent and Grand Parents


All those who desire to bring their families to Maple Leaf nation, the Super Visa would remain a quick and easy way to reunite with parents and grandparents with their loved ones. The Individuals to Apply for Canada Parent and Grandparent Super Visa, they should Be Parent or grandparent of Canadian citizen or a permanent […]

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Benefits Of Saskatchewan Immigration Program – Know Your Eligibility


Those applicants who have got success under the Saskatchewan Immigration Program for the skilled worker can migrate to Canada and apply for permanent residence. The skilled workers who are professional have numerous options to consider. They can either apply under any federal program or if they know which territory or the province in which they […]

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Canada Experience Class – Become Canadian Permanent Residency Holders


Canada is a nation in the northern part of North America. This nation is bordered by United States of America both to the south and to the west (Alaska) The Canadian Experience class does allow those individuals with Canadian work experience to become Canadian permanent residency holders. As of 1st January 2015, we find potential candidates […]

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Are you interested in Working in Canada – Apply for Canada Work Visa


All individuals who are interested to live and work in Canada need to find out whether they are eligible to get the work permit and also should know the requirements of Canada Dependent Work Permit if they are interested to get their dependents. The individuals normally need to apply for a work permit outside Canada. […]

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CIC Publishes 20th Draw Results of Canada Express Entry

20th Express-Entry-Draw-Results

The CIC has conducted 20th Express Entry draw on 13th November and 14th November, it has sent an invite to 1530 candidates who have been in the Express Entry pool. All those individuals who consider themselves to be potential candidates of Express Entry profile should enter the Express Entry pool.  This is secure form, where they […]

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Quebec Skilled Worker Visa – Settle in Canada Permanently


Quebec is the only  Province in Canada which has predominantly French Speaking population and it is only one province to have French as an official language. The Quebec Immigration to Canada is designed to indicate as to which applicants they are likely to be economically established upon immigration to Quebec. We find that the applications for Quebec […]

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