Study and Work in Canada Through Student Partnership Program


Student Partnership Program in Canada : was exclusively for Indian students but based on the overwhelming response from the student community. This program currently extended to the Chinese students. However, if initially, the students are rejected in the attempt to study through the SPP Program in Canada, they are not eligible to apply for the […]

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Canada Immigration for Parent and Grand Parents


Annually Canada accepts more than 200,000 grants permanent residency to the foreign nationals including the family class. The rate of the permanent residency visas is slowly increasing annually increasing in Canada. To balance the family life of permanent residents, Canada Immigration through the family unification program is allowing the family members of the permanent resident […]

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26th Express Entry draws display increase of CRS points by 4 points

Express Entry Scheme, which manages skilled applications under three streams, has released the results of 26th Express draw on January 27. This draw has sent invitations to 1468 applicants who score 457 CRS points. The slight increase of four points from the previous draw which held on the 13th of January 2016. Though policy analysts […]

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Canada Immigration – Work permit for Dependents in Canada


A spouse willing to work in Canada after family reunification sounds really great. As it helps the partner somehow financially and helps Canada indirectly in finding a talent without much effort. Canadian provinces badly need immigrants who can work for the progress of the country. However, the fact is that Canada is in huge requirement […]

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Importance of Adaptability in Quebec Skilled Worker Program


Prospective candidates willing to settle in Quebec, the province in North American Country dominated by French-speaking people have to meet certain criteria that are not quite common. Quebec follows its policy to attract the skilled workers, utilizes its discretionary powers as a province to allow workers based on careful verification. Quebec calls the candidates for […]

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