Study in International Program or Colleges in Canada? IELTS can be your ticket.


Canada occupies the northern half of the North American continent, Canada is known for its natural beauty –Canada boasts about its wealth of forests, lakes and mountains and for its multicultural diversity. The country has official bilingual status, with English and French used concurrently in government and official documents. IELTS is accepted by CIC as […]

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What are New Canada Citizenship Laws?


Since the new Liberal Government formed in the month of November 2015, the Canada Immigration laws were changed mostly. Understanding the problems associated with the immigrants, waiting periods and visa processing time. Canada Government introduced numerous policies to facilitate the immigrants. The Immigration of Canada has highly advanced technology and the whole system is online […]

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Canada Immigration Program for Skilled Workers


Canada is one of the financially sound nations in the world aerospace, information technology, automotive, petroleum, agriculture and ship buildings are the major industries of Canada. These industries are requiring highly skilled qualified workers. That is the reason Canada is bound to introduce many immigration programs to improve its economy. The federal skilled work visa […]

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How Points are Awarded in the Canada Express Entry Scheme?


Canada Express Entry Scheme is the point based immigration system. The prospective applicants can apply for the program anytime throughout the year. The immigration is streamlined and people can determine the through the pre-assessment procedures.  The scores make it clear whether an applicant is eligible for the visa program. It prevents from the fraudulent practices, […]

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About the Nova Scotia Skilled Immigration


Nova Scotia in the eastern Canada province has been successful in getting more quotas from the Federal Canada to welcome additional 300 skilled professionals into the province. The eastern province requires skill force to target the demographic issues such as aging and low birth rate. Nova Scotia takes part in the Canada Express Entry to […]

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Canada to Spend C$2 Billion on Education


Canada has globally competitive education system and students come to Canada to have rich international exposure. Canada education exports contribute majorly to the economy. The new liberal Government has announced C$2 billion to revamp the Post-Secondary Education System in the Nation. The funds will be used for three years from 2016; the systemic allocation of […]

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