Canada start-up visa opens doors for entrepreneurs

Canada is a top-notch destination which beckons individuals from other countries every year. Numerous individuals flock to this nation to be a part of it, in the hope of getting better employment prospects and to study in its world renowned educational institutions as well. The main features that attract crowds of immigrants to Canada are the clean environment, safe ambience, steady economy and multicultural outlook. If you want to establish your own start-up in Canada, you can do so by applying a visa for the same with the capable guidance of Opulentus.

Canada Start-up Visa

Under this program, an individual who is an entrepreneur can start a business in Canada which will provide leverage to the country’s economy and also open doors of job opportunities for many individuals in Canada. This program aims to bring together immigrant entrepreneurs and private sector establishments in Canada.

Eligibility requirements

  • Should meet the language requirements
  • Possess sufficient funds to settle down in Canada
  • Proof to support your idea of starting business by a designated organization

Investment prerequisites

You do not require putting in your own money for the start-up venture. A minimum investment amount from a designated Canadian venture capital fund or a designated angel investor will be sufficient. The minimum amount from the former should be 200,000 dollars while the angel investor group can contribute up to 75,000 dollars.

Why opt for Opulentus?

Opulentus visa consultancy is a name in the field of immigration that you should reckon with. The consultants are highly driven individuals who take their client’s cases with utmost importance. They are well-versed with the updated visa norms and regulations of all the important immigration destinations like UK, USA, Australia, Denmark, Canada and many others. They provide all these services at affordable costs. Approach the professionals of Opulentus today for speedy help and assured guidance.

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