Study in International Program or Colleges in Canada? IELTS can be your ticket.


Canada occupies the northern half of the North American continent, Canada is known for its natural beauty –Canada boasts about its wealth of forests, lakes and mountains and for its multicultural diversity. The country has official bilingual status, with English and French used concurrently in government and official documents. IELTS is accepted by CIC as […]

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Advantages of Canadian Education System

In current scenario the education system of Canada is now best in world. Every year 180,000 international students come to Canada to take the admissions in the various international universities of Canada. Canadian universities are popular for their high quality study and offering the internationally accepted degrees and credentials. Some of Canadian universities have placed […]

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Canada Plans to Retain International Students


Canada Immigration in the recent days has come up with the new immigration procedures to facilitate family class immigration, Citizenship laws and a new immigration annual plan to welcome a record number of immigrants to enter Canada. Canada has been an immigration friendly country in the modern times. Students from different parts of the world […]

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Study and Work in Canada Through Student Partnership Program


Student Partnership Program in Canada : was exclusively for Indian students but based on the overwhelming response from the student community. This program currently extended to the Chinese students. However, if initially, the students are rejected in the attempt to study through the SPP Program in Canada, they are not eligible to apply for the […]

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What are the Requirements to be Met by Overseas Students in Canada ?

Migrate to Canada

Requirements to be Met by Overseas Students in Canada – The individuals belonging to the foreign origin to study in Canada; they would require obtaining Canada study permit, it does act as a Canada student visa for the duration of their stay. The individuals do not require Canadian study permit if their course or program […]

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Canada Study Visa, Door to your Bright Future

Canada is known to be home for few of the world’s top research facilities as well as academic institutions. International students in Canada can learn in a supportive academic environment where the professors are approachable, and classrooms do reflect the cultural diversity of the land. Canada Study Visa would act as a gateway to a […]

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Why Canada is Preferred Destination for Study?

Canada send invites about 1,50,000 foreign student each year to study in its nation and it also offers an opportunity to even work as well as settle . Once the students have made up their mind to study in Canada, the immigration visa consultants would help in completing the application to varied institution of their […]

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Studying In Canada Is Not So Expensive

Many students belonging to foreign origin believe studying in Canada is rewarding investment for their future as they will have access to best education as well as can experience multicultural environment. Those students who wish to Migrate to Canada for Study should get student visa only then they would be able to stay in Canada […]

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Canada Offers Numerous Types Of Visa’s

 Diplomatic agreement establishes that there is no need of a visa to enter few nations. For Canada, US citizens and most of the European Union nations do not need a visa to enter into the Canadian territory. For all others, they need a visa to enter into Canada. Canada offers numerous types of visas. They […]

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