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Check your eligibility for Canada Post Study Visas

Migrate to CanadaCanada is one of the best education exporters of the North America. Canada education is well known for quality and high standard. It is the policy of the Canada Government to retain the international students through the work visas. Students who have graduated in Canada can apply for the post study work permits. This permit allows students to stay up to three years and work under any employer for three years.

The visa period depends on the duration of the course. Application for Canada work permit could be dropped before 90 days of completion of the course. Applicants will have chances of working under any employer during the visa period. This duration adds valuable credit to your experience. You can apply for Canada Express Entry, your experience would be valid and if selected in the express entry, you are granted direct permanent residence. Canada Work experience adds more value to the candidate’s profile.

What makes you eligible for the Post Study work permit visa?

  • You should have valid study permit
  • Should have studied full-time academic course in Canada Universities.
  • Your course duration must exceed eight months and must have studied in post-secondary institutions approved by the Government authority.
  • Apply before 90 days of receiving course completion certificate from the institution.

Visas are granted based on the duration of course. Canada Post Graduate Work Permit visa is given for a maximum of three years. Students willing to apply for work permit must have proper understanding towards the procedure.

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