FSWP-learn about New Federal Skilled Worker Program

Work in Canada Starting 4th May, 2013, the accepting applications for Citizenship and Immigration Canada under Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) have been announced. The key selection factors under the modified point based system are indicated. In order to meet the requirements, it might take many days, weeks or sometimes months. Along with the requirements, the skilled workers quota might be limited. Hence, it is recommended to apply for the immigration process as a Federal Skilled Worker without any delay.  Be ready with the file in all respects by the end of April, to stand in the best chance of 2013 quota.

Recommended changes for Immigration Canada are as follows:

  • Age: Maximum points are 12

An individual who has age in between 18 and 35 years will score maximum points, 12. If age is above 47 years, the points allotted are zero. But there is a chance of scoring for the applicant above 47; if the minimum points 67 are scored in other categories then he/she can file a petition. The points are classified as follows under age criteria for Canada Immigration:

ü  11 points- 36 years

ü  10 points- 37 years

ü  9 points- 38 years

ü  8 points- 36years

ü  This process continues till zero and the age will be 47 at the time of zero points


  • Language: Maximum 28 points

ü  Out of 28 points, 24 points can be secured for English language skills and 4 points for French language

ü  Minimum proficiency has to be secured in the four sections, listening, speaking, writing and reading. To qualify in the FSWP Canadian language benchmark 7 (CLB &) for English or for French at Niveau de comp? tence linguistique Canadian 7 (NCLC 7) level

ü  Listening – 8.0 Speaking-7.0 Reading- 7.0 Writing- 7.0 Total- 24

If the score is as above then you can score total points. Else, the total varies depending on the marks gained in a specific section

  • Employment Experience: Maximum points are 15

ü  6 years- 15 points

ü  4-5 years- 13 points

ü  2-3 years- 11 points

ü  1 year- 9 points


  • Arranged Employment: Maximum 10 points

For an LMO (Labor Market Opinion), Employers need to apply to HRSDC, after the implementation of the upcoming procedure. This is to bring out the events of fictitious work offers, offering the employment for strict adherence track record

  • Qualifications: Maximum 25 points

ü  The new procedure involves the selection of required credentials (current education and employment) are assessed by the Canadian Credential Assessment Agency

ü  In order to file the application for PR visa under FSWP the individuals have to get positive feedback from the assessment agency

ü  This might become a most compulsory requirement for the Canada immigration as a Federal skilled worker

  • Adoptability: Maximum 10 points

Any one among the below statements is possible

ü  If the employer is employed in Canada a maximum of 10 points are allowed

ü  Canada educated can get 5 points

ü  If educated and employed 10 points

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